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Mrs Riley’s Story

Staff | 09.06.2021

Hi I’m Liz Riley and I’m a boarding matron in the boys house. I’ve been at the school for over 7 years in boys boarding.

My role in boys boarding is basically becoming a second mum to the boys! I’m always there to get them up in the mornings, make sure that everything runs smoothly for going to school and making sure that everyone is prepared for the day. I ensure everything is stocked up in the community space like snacks and goodies!

I’m always there for the boys if they ever need to have a chat and get things off there chest

I like to get to know every boy and their personality and hope everyone in the boarding house is truly happy and never home sick. By getting to now everyones likes and dislikes I hope during their time here at Ratcliffe I’m looked at as a good mum figure for them whilst they are so far away from their families. We have a good team and I definitely enjoy being part of it.