Miss Chapman's Story - Ratcliffe College

Miss Chapman’s Story

| 09.06.2021

My name is Lauren Chapman and I am one of the Resident Assistant Housemistresses and Head of Chemistry here at Ratcliffe College.

I feel very privileged to be able to work with our students in both academic and pastoral settings. My broad roles within the college complement each other, allowing me to personalise my support for our Boarders, with my enhanced insight into their day and home life.

Our boarding community is at the heart and soul of the college, and a truly special community to be a part of.

My Boarding evenings and weekends are often the highlight of my week, as the Boarding house never has a dull moment!

Our diverse boarding house brings together a family of talented, determined, and unique girls, who complement and encourage each other. As an educator, I have always been motivated by a desire to nurture our younger generation onto new opportunities and our boarding system has allowed me to support our girls onto great new pathways. This is a place that girls can develop the skills and values to thrive into adulthood and provide a positive impact into their communities.