Rishi's Story - Ratcliffe College

Rishi’s Story

Alumni | 27.07.2023

Rishi, who left in 2021 told us how Ratcliffe helped him get into a top University:

What was it like studying at Ratcliffe?

I was fortunate enough to have attended Ratcliffe College for 2 years, in the sixth form, having received a substantial bursary. These 2 years at Ratcliffe were very memorable and allowed me to develop greatly and build lots of great relationships and memories. Every teacher I met was passionate about what they did and always put the student’s education first, I was always supported and pushed to achieve the best out of my education and time at Ratcliffe. The lessons would be adapted for individual topics and for the best way for the class to intake information and knowledge. We would be doing practical sessions in Physics, competing in quizzes in Maths and applying Economic theory to current events to supplement our learning. I always knew I was able to approach teachers for extra support and guidance but also simply having normal conversations such as about the week’s sporting event, this allowed me to learn how to build a network which has been very effective at university and how interesting peoples stories and experiences are to listen to and learn from.


Do you have any memorable moments from your time at Ratcliffe?

My time at Ratcliffe created many memorable moments, one that will forever remain with me was when I had my first Cross Country race. Ratcliffe college gave me the opportunity to develop my long distance running and was fortunate enough to compete in the County races, my first ever Cross-Country Race, in which I placed 3rd.


What did you do after Ratcliffe?

I am currently in my 2nd Year studying BSc Economics at the University of Bristol. Ratcliffe College helped me a lot to develop as a person ready for university but also with the application itself to help me study my preferred course at a top university.


Would you say there’s anything which you learnt at Ratcliffe which you still carry with you today?

Ratcliffe college allowed me learn to make the most of opportunities presented to me, having completed Cross Country, DofE and Young Enterprise during my time at Ratcliffe along with a lot more showed me that everything presented, whether it is something completely new or something I already have skills in should be undertaken if possible, as I can learn a lot but also develop everlasting memories and friends.


What would you say to others to encourage them to give money to support the Bursary Fund at Ratcliffe?

Thanks to the people who supported the Bursary Fund at Ratcliffe, I was able to experience 2 fantastic years at the college, something I will forever be grateful for. The money donated to support the fund allows others such as myself to develop in all areas of life, and broaden the opportunities the future offers me, these opportunities would be thanks to you.


Do you have anything you’d like to say to any of the donors who supported the Bursary Fund whilst you were at Ratcliffe?

I would like to thank all donors, as without you I would possibly not be where I am and how I am as a person, I will forever be grateful to you and Ratcliffe.