Year 11 Drama Performances - Ratcliffe College

Year 11 Drama Performances

Senior School | 02.03.2018

Year 11 Drama Students performed their GCSE plays last week in front of their examiner. The evening was a rollercoaster of emotions with six short performances ranging from the comic to tragic.

The evening begun in an officer’s dug out during World War One where new recruit Raleigh played by Joe Summer met his fellow officers. He was re-united with old friend, the troubled Captain Stanhope, played extremely well by Alex Bown, accompanied by Dempsey Mayne as ‘Uncle’ Osborne and Diamond Ho as an energetic ‘Trotter’.

This was followed by the hilarious Black Comedy, ‘The Woman Who Cooked her Husband’ with fantastic comic timing by the brilliant trio of Bo Henderson, Holly Vinall and Finn Matthews. Charlotte Bailey and Dom McKaig then performed two extracts from the play ‘Two’ set in a pub dealing with power struggles within two relationships they each played very contrasting characters skilfully. Ed Smellie and Caitlin Lawrence followed with an extract from the same play from the point of view of the Landlord and Landlady and gave truly touching performances of a very tense relationship.

To end the night there were two fast paced and funny plays, ‘Bouncers and Shakers’ Mia Baker, Ellie Baker, Jade England and Layla Bott worked the stage brilliantly in a lively extract from ‘Shakers’ before Tom Hammond, Harry Culpin, Josh Chapman and Finn Merriman had the audience howling with laughter in their version of ‘Bouncers’. Tom Binnie was the genius behind the lighting design for all plays and will be graded on the vibrant design he created for ‘Bouncers’. All in all it was a great evening of performances and we are extremely proud of all the Year 11 Drama students.