What Our Boarders Say

Boarding has always been my second home since I first came to England 4 years ago. I will always remember the first day I came to boarding, all the boarding staff helping me to familiarise with this community. I learned some essential life skills and have become more independent as well as taking care of others. I’ve made so many amazing memories during these 4 years that it makes me realise how fortunate I am.

Cindy LeeTaiwan

Please watch our videos below created by recent students, who talk about their time at Ratcliffe

Spanish student Ines, has just left us and provides this account of her decision to come to Ratcliffe College:


German student Clara, who returned home to Germany recently, pays tribute to her year at Ratcliffe College in this creative display:

I have been studying in Ratcliffe College for four years.  Boarding helps us to develop many characteristics, such as managing our time effectively, to ensure we are achieving our potential.  In addition, there are many facilities and resources in Boy’s Boarding to help us achieve a good score. For example study rooms, older students as learning leaders and teachers that teach different subjects. Apart from that, boarding is a good multicultural place where we can learn more about different countries every day. We also have a wide range of activities to help us balance our academic and social life such as weekends shopping trips, watching movies in cinema, go-karting and so on.

Stephen Lai, Hong Kong