What Our Boarders Say

Boarding has always been my second home since I first came to England 4 years ago. I will always remember the first day I came to boarding, all the boarding staff helping me to familiarise with this community. I learned some essential life skills and have become more independent as well as taking care of others. I’ve made so many amazing memories during these 4 years that it makes me realise how fortunate I am.

Cindy LeeTaiwan


Spanish student Ines, has just left us and provides this account of her decision to come to Ratcliffe College:

German student Clara, who returned home to Germany recently, pays tribute to her year at Ratcliffe College in this creative display:


I have been studying in Ratcliffe College for four years.  Boarding helps us to develop many characteristics, such as managing our time effectively, to ensure we are achieving our potential.  In addition, there are many facilities and resources in Boy’s Boarding to help us achieve a good score. For example study rooms, older students as learning leaders and teachers that teach different subjects. Apart from that, boarding is a good multicultural place where we can learn more about different countries every day. We also have a wide range of activities to help us balance our academic and social life such as weekends shopping trips, watching movies in cinema, go-karting and so on.

我在 Ratcliffe College 學習了四年。寄宿有助於我們發展許多特徵,例如有效地管理我們的時間,以確保我們 發揮我們應有的實力。此外,男宿舍還有許多設施和資源可以幫助我們取得好成績。例如學習室,高年級學生作為小導師和教授不同科目的教師。除此之外,宿舍是一個多元文化的地方,我們每天都可以在這裡學習更多關於不同國家 的知識。宿舍還提供各種各樣的活動,幫助我們平衡學術和社交生活,例如周末購物之旅,看電影,卡丁車等等。

Stephen Lai, Hong Kong