CCF Senior Cadet Training Report: 13th November - Ratcliffe College

CCF Senior Cadet Training Report: 13th November

Senior School | 24.11.2017

Last week there were a number of different, exciting opportunities on offer for the cadets. One section of Year 10 students carried out a challenging command task, involving crossing a river made of shark-infested custard with chemicals which would explode if left in the wrong combinations, as well as all their equipment! Whilst another Year 10 section, along with their Year 10 counterparts from Samworth Academy, practised using the SA80 A2 rifle and firing the modified A2 on the 2.2 range.

The Year 9s took part in an exercise-style recce patrol, where they had to gather information about the enemy (the Year 11s and some sixth formers). It was a challenge for them to test out all the skills they’ve learnt so far in order to be stealthy and sneaky.

The seniors took on their usual role of helping out with the younger years, putting together lessons and activities for them to do. Last week, the Year 11s took a break from their usual programme to assist with this as well, in preparation for next year when they will be the senior NCOs.

We also welcomed two sections of cadets from Samworth Academy, who continued with their training, and were learning the basics of drill (which is the primary way of moving a group of troops in an ordered, disciplined manner).

Cpl Molly Edwards