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Daniel’s Story

I have been a boarder at Ratcliffe for half a year now, I was nervous at first coming to a new school environment and moving away from home, but in this short space of time I feel like I have settled in so well. This is mainly thanks to the caring staff in boarding and the group of friends I clicked with almost instantly since being here. There is always someone you can turn to if you need any help, both inside and outside the classroom.

Ratcliffe College provides a lot of opportunities in the topics you’re passionate about, whether you wish to pursue something academic or you have found a passion for a co-curricular activity. I especially love the sports at Ratcliffe, all the boys take part hockey, cricket and rugby. My favorite sports are: rugby, cricket, and badminton. The facilities we have here are very modern and these can be used after school hours too. We’re always encouraged to try new things or supported in whatever we want to pursue. The teachers and boarding staff are always there help and support you, whether it’s in homework sessions in boarding or during school hours.

I think being a boarder at Ratcliffe you never feel lonely. Ratcliffe is my second home.

My favourite thing about boarding at Ratcliffe is definitely the activities on the weekends, there is always something to do and we have a wide range of activities to choose from throughout the year, for example: takeaway nights and movie nights or quiz nights, and also larger outdoor activities such as mountain biking, go-karting and even day trips!

If you’re a student thinking about boarding I’d definitely advise to have some pocket money during your time here. This can be kept safe by the school, then when you need to buy something you can take the amount you need from reception. This is really helpful for things like weekend shopping trips to the supermarket.

After graduating, my Big Idea is to become a famous architect and it would be great to work on a range of different projects around the world. I particularly enjoy the Design and Technology and I really enjoyed a recent INSPIRE talk which was arranged by the Ratcliffe Careers Team, in which a famous architect give us an insight into the industry, what is involved and which university courses are the best for this role. This is just one of the many advantages of being a Ratcliffe Student and a Boarder too, it is so much fun.


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