Engineering Education Scheme Report - Ratcliffe College

Engineering Education Scheme Report

Sixth Form | 09.02.2018

Residential Workshop Report (16th/17th January 2018) – Loughborough University

Six of our students are working with Rolls Royce, on this year’s EES project:-
Matthew Garcia
Poom Hirunwiwatkul
Steven Lai
Lewis Cox
Charlie Harris
Neto Chukwueke

Rolls Royce are this year’s partner company. Amongst their business interests, they, of course, design and build jet engines. The project brief handed to the students, is that they should propose and model a method of cleaning the air intakes on large jet engines. At the moment the cleaning is done ‘by hand’ rather as one might see at a drive in ‘hand car wash’. The idea is that a more automated and ultimately efficient method should replace this labour intensive process.

The team have selected a promising solution and have undertaken some modelling (have built a small scale mock up to illustrate the operation of their solution). The residential component of the project (the project starts in November and culminates in April) is included so as to allow extended access to well resourced workshops – in this case at the new STEM Teaching School, within Loughborough University.

In addition to the practical work, the students made further in-roads into the writing of their final report – which is submitted at Easter.