INSPIRE: Quantum Mechanics and What ‘Stuff’ is made of - Ratcliffe College

INSPIRE: Quantum Mechanics and What ‘Stuff’ is made of

Sixth Form | 20.04.2018

On the evening of Wednesday 17th April, Joe Mayes and Chris Wallis, third year undergraduates studying Physics at the University of Leicester, each gave thoroughly engaging presentations as part of Ratcliffe’s INSPIRE programme, on the topics of Quantum Mechanics and What ‘Stuff’ is made of. Joe’s confident and inspirational presentation entertained the 34 strong audience with a sweeping account of how matter is distributed in the universe, from the largest objects in the universe, the massive super galaxies, to the tiniest objects, the fundamental particles, that make up all the known matter in the universe.

Chris then followed with a thought provoking account of how our understanding of matter and energy has changed over the last century, thanks to the inspirational, life-changing work of scientists Planck, Einstein, De Broglie and Schrödinger. Chris explained that we can no longer rely on outdated Classical Mechanics, and that developments in Quantum Mechanics have completely changed the way we consider simple events that take place around us.

It was a pleasure to listen to Joe and Chris speak so confidently about fields of Physics that that they are clearly so engaged in, and I hope that their presentation will inspire our students to challenge themselves and to THINK BIG!

Mr A Chorley
Head of Science