Kiki's Story - Ratcliffe College

Kiki’s Story

Year 13

Boarding Prefect


I chose Ratcliffe College from a choice of many other UK Boarding schools to begin my Year 10 study, what attracted me the most about Ratcliffe is the variety of activities and clubs for students. Unlike most of the schools in Hong Kong, Ratcliffe College encourages students to have a balanced development instead of only focusing on academic studies alone.

When I arrived at Ratcliffe for the first time, I was immediately impressed by the stunning architecture and scenery. I was then greeted by very welcoming and thoughtful staff, who enabled me to adapt to the new environment very quickly.

Living in boarding with students around my age from different parts of the world is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Without a doubt, I would say boarding is the best part of my journey in Ratcliffe. Boarding is where most of my friendships began, and the sense of unity within the supportive boarding community is really heart-warming. We are just like a big family.

As the Boarding Prefect, my role is to act as a link between boarders and the boarding staff. My aim is to make sure all boarders feel safe, comfortable, and happy living in boarding. It is also my duty to make sure everyone is taking part in the boarding community which includes organising different social events.. Apart from this, I am also in charge of putting together rotas for boarding’s daily tasks, this makes sure every boarder is taking their responsibility and contributing to the community. I have relished the leadership opportunities boarding has given me.

If I could go back in time, I would 100% choose Ratcliffe all over again. I love the friendships I have made and the opportunities Ratcliffe has given me.

My advice for students who are considering choosing Ratcliffe College, especially boarding, is to get in touch with our boarding staff and boarders. We used to provide taster days for students to live and experience boarding life for a weekend so that they can experience what it is like being a boarder at Ratcliffe. Of course, due to the pandemic, those kinds of services are temporarily unavailable, but I encourage students to contact boarding and arrange a small chat with us via zoom so we can show you what boarding is like and answer all your questions about our boarding life. We love meeting new people even when on Zoom to show off our community and show you how warm and welcoming we all are.


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