Mr Ian Potts - Ratcliffe College

Mr Ian Potts

Donor | 27.07.2023

Transforming Lives Through Your Generosity: Alumni Donations That Make a Lasting Impact

Ian’s journey through school was truly remarkable. Having spent five years boarding at a prep school, he was no stranger to being away from home. However, it was during his time at Ratcliffe that he discovered a world of endless possibilities. As an Emery Librarian, he had the privilege of being the first student in the school to dive into the captivating pages of “Lord of the Rings.” His passion for learning extended beyond the library, as he immersed himself in the exhilarating world of the CCF and became entrenched in numerous sports, with success and highlights like holding the record for the U16 relay, along with some rather ‘memorable’ records. He says: “I kept goal for the 2nd XI Hockey, achieving a record for letting in the most goals – eight!”

Beyond the classroom and the playing fields, it was the debating society and his involvement in a Catholic social group that truly shaped Ian, inspiring him to embrace public life. With his mathematic abilities nurtured by Lance Hurdidge, this propelled him to Oxford. Now retired after a vast and interesting career through teaching, accountancy and politics, Ian explains why he gives back:

I’ve always been taught (including whilst at Ratcliffe) that it is our duty to repay where we can. So, I’d say that that was the first cause of my giving to the college and why I continue to give.

In fact, I have also included the college in my will knowing that my donation will alleviate the burden of Death Duties for my successors. Clearly, my accountancy background has its influence even in matters of philanthropy!