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Mr Tim Livesey

Donor | 27.07.2023

Why I give…Tim Livesey – Old Ratcliffian 1981

Tim’s story is a testament to the power of giving back. When he visited Ratcliffe College to find a way to honour his late Uncle Joe Massarella (54), he found a way to create a lasting legacy that would benefit the next generation of students. The “Rugby Captain’s chair” is now an annual event, where the Headmaster presents an original Robert (‘Mouseman’) Thompson chair made and inscribed with Joe’s name to the year’s captain, ensuring that Joe’s memory lives on.

But Tim’s generosity doesn’t stop there. He also chooses to make an annual donation to the Bursary Fund, recognising the importance of providing access to a Ratcliffe education, saying:

“I am firm believer in providing opportunity to the youth of today in whatever way possible. The Bursary fund is a fantastic way of providing such opportunities to those less fortunate who are unable to reap the rewards of a Private School education without this help.”


With first-hand experience of someone who received a Bursary to another school, Tim knows the life-changing impact it can have.

“I know someone who received a Bursary to another school.  She applied, hesitantly, bowled them over with her personality, took up their offer, made the absolute very best of her time there, went onto University with a confidence that had avoided her in the State School sector, and now has an extremely good job with excellent prospects ahead of her.  She sought my advice beforehand.  I told her it was a no brainer she absolutely must apply.  There is no doubt whatsoever that she has benefitted from that Bursary.”

Tim’s donation goes into the Bursary Fund, trusting that the school will use it to get the very best for the students. He knows that it’s money well spent and encourages others to join him in supporting the Bursaries at Ratcliffe.

“Get yourself to the School, take a look around and familiarise yourself with some of the Bursaries on offer. And then give!!”