The Ratcliffe Community - Ratcliffe College

The Ratcliffe Community

The Ratcliffe Community is a vibrant group of associated organisations which provide tremendous support to the School.

The Rosminians (The Institute of Charity)

The Rosmini House of Prayer (Rosmini Centre) is set amid the beautiful rural grounds at the far end of our campus alongside the former aerodrome and provides spiritual support, not only to the College through the presence of our Rosminian Priests, but also to the local and national Catholic communities.

Fr Antonio Belsito, Father Rector (, leads many retreats for pupils, staff, parents and those who wish to experience spiritual direction.  He is assisted by Fr David Tobin, Father President, and Fr Simon Giles and Fr Anthony Furlong, Assistant Priests, all of whom nurture the School’s spiritual needs.

The Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association provides opportunities for current parents to relax and enjoy themselves together at a range of social occasions.  The PA also enjoys an excellent relationship with the College and supports many activities within the College, from the Nursery to the Sixth Form. The PA is particularly vibrant, and warmly welcomes all parents to participate at all levels.  The Chair of the Parents’ Association can be contacted via and would be delighted to hear from any parents who wish to attend the organised events or who may feel able to assist in any future events.

The Ratcliffian Association (Old Ratcliffians)

The Ratcliffe Association was established in 1865 and provides a forum for all former students (alumni) of Ratcliffe College.  The RA Council meets once every term, to plan events and to maintain effective links with the College.  Former students have the opportunity to meet one another at regional reunions, including a number of overseas dinners organised to enable former students to remain in touch both with each other and with current developments at the College.  The Ratcliffe Association is managed on a day to day basis, and are always delighted to hear from all Old Boys and Girls of the College. Each December they produce the Old Ratcliffian Magazine which is sent out to all former students.