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Victoria’s Story

Year 12


When I was 13 years old, my parents asked me if I wanted to study abroad, so I could improve my English and have better opportunities for the future, and I said yes! I have now been at Ratcliffe College for four years and it has been great.

My mum came to the UK from where we lived in Spain to visit several schools to help her decide which one would be the best one for me. She definitely liked Ratcliffe the most and when I looked at the photographs she took I agreed; I really like Ratcliffe because of all the facilities, the wide range of activities and all the subjects on offer. When my family and I arrived at Ratcliffe together for the first time, everyone was really kind and wanted me to help me adapt to the school.

Catholic life at Ratcliffe is really important and every Sunday morning we go to the chapel because we have mass and on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have night prayer.

We all come together as a community and have a reflection on what we have done during the week.

Over the weekends we do a range of activities, such as: cooking, hockey, tennis, netball, swimming, bowling, escape rooms, paintball and art activities. We do teamwork in most of the activities, so we can work together and better.

I love being part of the boarding family at Ratcliffe because I’ve made great friendships and I’ve improved my English a lot.

Moving schools has been the best thing I’ve done in my life; I’ve had incredible opportunities since I came to Ratcliffe. So, if you are thinking of joining the boarding community, don’t only think about your present, think about your future and all the amazing opportunities that you can have.

In boarding you can also make great friendships with people from other countries, and you can learn loads from other cultures too. In the future, I will love to go to another country for university, so I can learn another language and have even more better opportunities.


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