Boarders of the week - Akila and Charles - Ratcliffe College

Boarders of the week – Akila and Charles

Boarding | 14.05.2021

Every week we celebrate individuals who we feel have made a particular achievement, overcome a challenge or fully demonstrated Ratcliffe College values in their everyday behaviour and actions.
This week we are pleased to award the title of Boarder of the week to Akila and Charles!


Akila in Year 9

Akilah has made a superb start to the term after a long time away, remote learning in a different time zone. The adjustment has been strange for all our students and our boarders have had it tougher still. Akilah has impressed her teachers with her quiet determination and is leading the way in her achievement record this term for recognition of her great contributions. Though she may be quiet, her hardworking nature is making her stand out for her excellence. Well done Akilah!


Charles in Year 11

Charles is a dedicated and determined student, who has worked hard for his Year 11 assessments. He is happiest in his comfort zone, but has a willingness to push
himself beyond this for the benefit of his community and himself. Last week, he played the piano beautifully at Night Prayers and he contributed with a reading too.
He is always looking for ways to improve himself and he is taking opportunities to embrace his development through the Boarders’ Passport. An absolute gem of a boarder! Well done, Charles!