Boarders of the week - Daata and Benny - Ratcliffe College

Boarders of the week – Daata and Benny

Boarding | 19.05.2021

Every week we celebrate individuals who we feel have made a particular achievement, overcome a challenge or fully demonstrated Ratcliffe College values in their everyday behaviour and actions.
This week we are pleased to award the title of Boarder of the Week to Daata and Benny!

Daata in Year 13

Daata has been impressive throughout the college this week, she has been a fantastic representative for Girls’ Boarding and has been volunteering her time on the Student Council. She has also dedicated her time to help welcome the younger and less experienced Year 7 pupils coming into our Boarding Houses. She is clearly approachable and someone who the other girls feel confident coming to if they need action or help. She has always had high aspirations and has been a shining member of the Sixth Form Community too. Daata has a strong work ethic and always leads by example, introducing new initiatives in the College’s weekly Medic Group. She a determined and warm member of the girls house and everyone is proud of her.

Benny in Year 11

Benny has been put forward for this weeks’ award for staying focused and working hard, he has dedicated many hours towards the revision and prep needed for his forthcoming exams and assessments. It has also been noticeable how happy, chatty and smiley Benny has been around the rest of the community. Just the kind of model student we like to see here at Ratcliffe. Thank you and well done!