Key Stage 3 Debate - Climate Change - Ratcliffe College

Key Stage 3 Debate – Climate Change

Senior School | 13.06.2019

Last week saw a spirited KS3 Debate in the theatre on the topic of ‘Climate Change: The world’s number one priority?’ Grace Karanja (Year 9), Jenny Summer (Year 8) and Isaac Warren (Year 7) argued passionately that climate change was the world’s greatest priority and Victoria Wheatley (Year 9), Caitlin Cummins (Year 8) and Millie Lake (Year 7) presented a range of powerful arguments against the statement.

The audience of Year 7 and 8 students saw an interesting and well-matched debate, culminating in questions from the audience as well as a vote on the motion. Year 7 and 8 narrowly decided (by only 5 votes) that climate change was not the world’s first priority but the real split of opinion definitely made the occasion a memorable one for KS3 students. The inspiring points of the students involved in the debate showcased the fabulous range of public speaking talent in Years 7-9 and encouraged many students in the audience to get involved in a range of public speaking and debating activities at Ratcliffe College.