INSPIRE: ‘Peace-building: An Encounter with the Rotarians’ - Ratcliffe College

INSPIRE: ‘Peace-building: An Encounter with the Rotarians’

Sixth Form | 26.04.2018

On Wednesday, 25 April, Mr Paul Michel (Lay Chaplain) and two Year 12 students presented the INSPIRE talk, entitled ‘Peace-building: An Encounter with the Rotarians’. The talk reflected the main themes of a recent Rotarian Presidential Conference held in Coventry, anD attended by the three presenters. Matthew Garcia spoke about the line-up of speakers at the Conference, and Barzin Alipourkarami concentrated his reflections on meeting a personal hero of his, Dr Shiri Ebadi. During the hour long talk, there were break out groups for discussion, facilitated by the two Year 12 boys. Mr Michel lastly spoke to the gathering about the work of Rotary in society, and some of the opportunities they might offer our young people. Many thanks to the presenters and the audience for their participation on the night. Especial thanks to Mr Richard Power, father of OR Imogen, who invited us to the conference.

Mr Paul Michel (Lay Chaplain)